Chain World


Because big corporations have long dominated the internet, and as a result we have less and less control over our own data and creative works.
These organizations often demand our personal information in exchange for access to their platforms and services, which they then monetize for profit by selling to advertisers and other third parties.
If regaining ownership of your personal data while also networking, learning, creating, socializing, and earning in a rich and diverse virtual world interests you, then you would be excited about Web3, blockchain, Metaverse, DeFi, GameFi and SocialFi.
Chain World is a platform that guarantees fair rewards for all users interacting with its metaverse ecosystem through the integration of SocialFi and GameFi in one rich environment.
Chain World is invested in becoming a leader in the next generation of SocialFi for the metaverse social ecosystem, and is already a key player in the Internet's transition from Web2 to Web3.
Chain World's short-term goal is to use blockchain and related technologies to solve critical pain points with Web2 social media users, and to put a number of key Web3 and metaverse capabilities into practical applications while at the same time creating financial benefits for users. Chain World long-term goal on the other hand is to become a highly robust and vibrant metaverse.That will represent the new gateway to social interactions in an immersive virtual world.
We are working together to create a metaverse-based social platform where users own and control your data and are rewarded for their creations in the space and for interacting with the ecosystem in various ways.
Last modified 5mo ago